About Cashmere and Quality

Hi all, I am an ecommerce professional based in Milan and truly passionate about the cashmere industry. I perceive it to be close to the essence of things, and therefore intrinsically precious in volatile times such as these. However, a lack of transparency exists. Not everything that is declared cashmere really is cashmere. Moreover, enormous discrepancies in quality persist, virtually unobserved.

I’d like to make it my job, via this blog, to contribute to the clarification of things. For fairness’ sake, it is important to state that I do currently work for a company in the field, a company I can identify with given its vast heritage and true commitment to quality (Lanificio Colombo – http://www.lanificiocolombo.it). My observations in this blog are however pertinent to the mission itself, which is to shed some light into the dark, and not to promote whomsoever.

Wish me luck – and enjoy my posts! 🙂

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